WANTONG POWER can provide stable power supply for mine drilling and exploitation. The generating sets are equipped with external oil feeding system of locking function, and large oil tank which can meet the requirement of 12-24 hours’ operation.


Our experience working with major operators, such as the telecoms industry, has led us to design long running fuel tanks with added security in mind. Many control panel packages now feature smartphone apps that provide access to individual generator set parameters and generate notifications of any issues on site. Advance knowledge of an issue enables you to delegate the appropriate resource, saving wasted visits and ultimately, money.


We conduct complete system testing of our data centre generators and offer preventative maintenance agreements as well as providing emergency response support to safeguard your business in the long-term.

Oil Platform

WANTONG power provides generating sets of outstanding performance to offshore drilling platforms; meanwhile special CO2 fire extinguishing system is added to improve anti-explosion performance; WANTONG power also offers a complete power solution.


WANTONG POWER can provide stable and reliable power for various sites like buildings, and adopt good sound absorbing material and piping system, to maximally reduce noise and guarantee people’s normal work and life.


WANTONG POWERInfrastructure Power solutions ensure the safety of facilities at airports and train stations.Provides an ideal environment for employees to work and travel.

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